Oasification against desertification!

Oasification is the opposite process to desertification.

The matter is not about describing the problem (desertification), but about bringing solutions (oasification).

By means of appropriate methods on water, soil, seeds and nutrient harvesting the process of desertification can be reverted, even in extreme conditions.


In this web site we offer a first software tool, MODIPE, that helps in making the decisions more convenient to oasify, this is: to restore territories that are desertificated by hydric erosion (= by edaphic aridity).

We have available several practical, technical and scientific materials that we want to share and facilitate through the internet. As we process more materials, we will make it available in this site.

We are a small and enthusiastic team, ready to combat the feared desertification process by traditional techniques of water harvesting conveniently modelized and updated. We have more than ten year's experience on this field, but this is just the beginning.

To deepen in the concept of oasification we recommend the following readings:

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