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In this section of the web site we are going to introduce scientific articles, computer applications, manuals, melodies, landscapes, photos, news and any other item new and interesting to oasification.

From here we encourage you to let us know your ideas, experiences and messages sending an email to oasification@oasificacion.com.

Casi nada hay nuevo bajo el sol.

It's our intention to include new material periodically. When we have it we will make it available for download.

Soon we will implement the possibility to report of our news automatically for the people who request for it.


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MAUCO - Excel application                                             Oasification News No. 1
available since December/16th/2005

Chilean forest engineers Mauricio Lemus Vera and Guillermo Navarro Vidal have developed an interesting Excel application, called MAUCO, to design infiltration trenches and deviation channels.

Gently, they wish to make available for free their excellent work in this web site, and we thank them for it.

The application, in Spanish, consists in a spreadsheet (Mauco.xls 229 KB) with its user manual (Manual de Mauco.pdf 822 KB).

Mauco significa 'aguas lluvias' en mapuche.

[+/-] News 2

Oasification News No. 2

  • Web site translated to English.
  • MODIPÉ 20 IE, bilingual versión (English-Spanish) of the program MODIPÉ, available for free in downloads.
  • INTRODUCING MODIPE, a brief explanatory document in English about the model.
  • Caravana del desierto.mp3, a musical piece that evokes the slow and hard walking across the desert . It´s also free!.

[+/-] News 3

Oasification News No. 3

  • NUMCUR 10 IE, program for easy selection of curve numbers or estimation of a progressive series of curve numbers, in bilingual version (English-Spanish).

[+/-] News 4

Oasification News No. 4

  • Navigation menu item called "Infiltration" with an extended article on the subject, published in the volume 20 of the magazine Ecología (in Spanish): "Infiltración en Ecología.pdf".
  • Update of the spreadsheet Mauco.xls with an explanatory text of the new characteristics included in the application.
  • Article on run-off coefficients method for generalized Mauco, (in Spanish). Coeficientes de escorrentía.pdf

[+/-] News 5

Oasification News No. 5
March/21th and 22th/2007

  • Navigation menu item called "Pi theorem" that includes a suggestive article about the generalization of this theorem: "Pi de Buckingham.pdf" (in Spanish).

[+/-] News 6

Oasification News No. 6

  • Oasificacion.pps,powerpoint slideshow about this issue for didactical purposes.
  • MODIN: SAS application for adjusting experimental data of a soil infiltration capacity to the infiltration models more commonly used in Hydrology. To gain access to this utility you should contact with the program authors in any of these emails: vpando@eio.uva.es, oasification@oasificacion.com

[+/-] News 7

Oasification News No. 7

  • CAPA, S1 y S2.pdf, (in Spanish), article published in the number 40 of the review "Investigaciones Geográficas". It discusses the ratio S1/S2 to be given in a water harvesting scheme as well as the dimensions of the water traps (CAPA) in the collecting area.

[+/-] News 8

Oasification News No. 8

  • Web site in French, official language in many countries with severe desertification problems
  • Oasificación Ecología.pdf, the more detailed article about concepts, models, strategies and samples of oasification
  • Proposal.pdf, an extensive work about infiltration (in English)
  • Chile.pdf, an article about oasification in Chile
  • SECF.pdf, a communication about the goals and current progress of this web site (up to date of september/2008)

[+/-] News 9

Oasification News No. 9

  • Estudio de casos.pdf is a computer file that includes twenty six case studies in which the hydrological model MODIPÉ is used. [in Spanish]
  • Book entitled: "Hidrología de Conservación de Aguas. Captación de precipitaciones horizontales y escorrentías en zonas secas". [Water Conservation Hydrology. Collection of horizontal precipitations and runoff in arid zones]. Scientific coordinators: J. Navarro Hevia, A. Martínez de Azagra Paredes & J. Mongil Manso. Edited by the University of Valladolid. 446 pages. Year 2009. ISBN: 978-84-8448-511-7. [€ 23.85 ] [in Spanish]

[+/-] News 10

Oasification News No. 10

  • Book entitled "Tratamiento de datos espaciales en la hidrología" [Treatment of spatial data in hydrology] by Jorge del Río San José, edited by Bubok Publishing. 348 pages. Year 2010. ISBN: 978-84-9981-141-3 [€ 9.00 in digital format (PDF) / / € 44.25 in paper]. In the blog "El mundo de los mapas" (http://www.orbemapa.com/) you can find much more information on this extensive and interesting treatise.
  • Wandel.pdf is a paper about man, desertification, climate change and oasification, published in the Spanish journal Foresta in July 2010.
  • Pi-A!.pdf is a mathematical and philosophical work that extends and generalizes the Pi Theorem of Vaschy & Buckingham, and that states a new mathematical axiom (the axiom of reasoned conjectures, or axiom A!). It has been recently published in the Bulletin "Puig Adam" (Sociedad «Puig Adam» de Profesores de Matemáticas, n.º 86) [a Spanish Society of Mathematical Teachers]. Serves to extend and complement previous work published on our website (Pi de Buckingham.pdf).
  • Spanish blog on Hydrology and Forest Restoration, Oasification and Desertification, Ecohydrology, Erosion and Soil Conservation, Restoration of Rivers, Instream Flows, Flood Risks and Traditional Hydraulic Systems. It's a highly recommended web-log promoted by Jorge Mongil Manso (http://ghidrologia.blogspot.com/).
  • English blog on Oasification (http://oasification.org/) promoted by Waternomics. It's a brand-new web-log (December 1, 2010) with good aims and ideas. Their initiative to propose the term "oasification" as a new word to the Oxford English Dictionary seems very timely to us.
  • United Nations Decade for Deserts and the Fight Against Desertification (2010 - 2020): This is an ambitious UN program of initiatives and activities that can be visited and viewed at http://unddd.unccd.int/.

[+/-] News 11

Oasification News Nº. 11

  • Opening of our website in German, the language of philosophy
  • Introduction to mathematical Metaphysics (please go to the tab in Spanish or German about the Pi theorem, if interested)

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- Online course on "techniques and models about oasification". If you are interested in it, fill out the form (which will appear with the maneuver) and send it to us (oasification@oasificacion.com). In this way, we may keep you informed.

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