Mushroom Music

Collection of tunes with mycologic atmosphere, composed and performed by Andrés Martínez de Azagra Paredes and made known at the XVII Mycological Autumn Days, held in the hall of the Agricultural Engineering School at Palencia (University of Valladolid, Spain) the November 13th, 2006. The recording is homemade and totally simple, with a single record of synthesizer, but it has that taste of real live, full of nuances and feelings, but including some failures that - surely - the music and mycology lovers will forgive. Thanks!
  • ¡A por setas!.mp3 (3205 KB) . (Get on mushrooms!). It's a cheerful melody that evokes the spirit in which we start very early in the morning to look for mushrooms.

  • Corros de brujas.mp3 (1896 KB) .(Fairy rings). Who has not dreamed of finding a place full of circles of edible mushrooms?

  • Emoción.mp3 (2395 KB) . The emotion that grips us when we walk through lands and forests after the autumnal rains, ready to fill our baskets with beautiful and delicious mushrooms.

  • Camino de la fuente.mp3 (4331 KB) . (The way to the spring). Simple piano melody that runs through a path of almond and whitty pear trees at La Serna (Almazán), where different mushrooms (king oyster mushrooms, fairy ring mushrooms, field blewits and shaggy manes) are grown. The track ends at La Fuente de San Antonio Abad.

  • Entre brinzales.mp3 (3174 KB) . (Among saplings). Young forests provide, at times, an abundant crop of fungi. It is a matter of visiting them.

  • Remansos y rápidos.mp3 (3106 KB) . (Pools and riffles). Seated on the banks of a creek, resting after the search, before continuing the march.

  • La llamada del afilador.mp3 (5509 KB) . (The call of the sharpener). Who has not heard such a peculiar call in the distance? We need to sharpen our knife, especially if we like to collect wood fungi (like myself).

  • La memoria del agua.mp3 (3610 KB) . (The memory of water). It's the favourite song of my mother and so it's dedicated to her. Take this evocative title because I think that water has such property.

  • Venenosa.mp3 (1502 KB) . (Poisonous). Not all mushrooms are edible. That's the reason why I include this disturbing track in this musical mycological album.

  • Romería.mp3 (3446 KB) . (Pilgrimage). The concert ends with a cheerful event where we stew and taste happily all the mushrooms found during the day.

Drinking fountain of La Serna (Almazán, Spain)
Recolección de agua