MODIPE (version 2.0)

Version 2.0 of the software MODIPE can be downloaded for free from this web page.

For installation you must download the following file Modipe20-IE-setup.exe (file size= 3,44 MB) to your personal computer and execute it. By clicking the following link you can get the download.

Modipe20-IE-setup.exe (3445 KB)

Modipe20-IE-setup.exe is an installation program that asks the user where to install MODIPE. By default, the installer make it in the "Program Files" folder, creating a desktop shortcut.

With this simple operation, in a couple of minutes, we will have installed the program MODIPE, ready to be executed.

For using the program is convenient to read the Quick guide and Introducing MODIPE

To read the User Manual (in Spanish) Manual de Usuario is highly recommended, if you wish to understand the hydrological model and the software MODIPE deeper.

There is a previous version for MS-DOS of the program MODIPE (version 1.1), that is included in the book published by MundiPrensa (1996) and that runs perfectly under Windows.

Version 2.0 has been developed by José Miguel Hospital Villacorta and Andrés Martínez de Azagra Paredes (2004).



Water harvesting

  Research work funded by the Environment Ministry of Spain (Biodiversity General Direction; LUCDEME Project; years 2003-2005)