Hydrological model MODIPE

MODIPE is an acronym for MODIfication of Precipitations by Run-off.

MODIPE is an hydrological model about water harvesting based on the curve number method.

MODIPE estimates the infiltration (or hydric availability) in a degraded slope before and after the projected intervention.

MODIPE distinguishes between run-off collecting and contributing areas, working out the average of the two zones.

MODIPE considers the posibility of creating water traps in the slope so the systematized units can retain all the rain and run-off produced by the design rainfall.

MODIPE is specially indicated for the design of afforestations in arid or semiarid zones.

MODIPE is useful for rainfed arboriculture, viticulture and silviculture in protection forests, when conservation of water, nutrients and soils is a priority.

Figure: Components of the hydrological cycle

Fundamental model equation: I = P - It - E + Es1 - Es2

To deepen in the model basic aspects and its application we recommend the following readings:

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  The hydrological model MODIPE has been developed between 1994 and 1995 by Mr. Andrés Martínez de Azagra Paredes with fundings from the spanish institution ICONA (through the LUCDEME project - Fight against Desertification in the Mediterranean Region (Lucha contra la Desertificación en el Mediterráneo)).