Working lines

There are a lot of working lines open at this time….
….. but many more to approach in the future.

Briefly, we can summarize our working lines in the following list:

  • To spread the concept of oasification
  • To extend the use of the hydrological model MODIPE
  • To offer technical advising in the application of MODIPE
  • To enlarge and improve the version 2.0 of the program with new subroutines and utilities
  • To develop new theorical and practical applications on infiltration, run-off and water and soil harvesting, that help to make oasification more technical
  • To write an application protocol of the MODIPE model
  • To extend the MODIPE model to an spacial level (CAD and SIG)

systematized unit model

Figure: Functioning of a microcatchment with a reservoir

The works we are ready to finish soon are:

  • Case studies on oasification.
  • Computer program for extracting metheorological data from the Spanish National Institute of Metheorology.
  • New particularizations to the general model
  • Identification of curve number series


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